Jessica Castello

Jessica Castello is the Editor of and associate Editor for Jessica was born in Santa Monica, California. She is an Actress but has always had a passion for traveling. Between auditions, filming, and photoshoots, she would plan amazing trips to Europe, Australia, and even local wonders in the USA. She wishes to share what she finds of the world, to the world, in hopes that others like her can find the magic in traveling.

Margaritaville Palm Springs – Paradise Resort


Margaritaville Palm Springs You’re tired from traveling all day, a little smelly, and incredibly thirsty. But not for water, for something different. Something with a twist of a lime. Something that really lets you know you’ve finally arrived. A Margarita. Oh yes. Your eyes focus on the word in front …

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Elmer’s Restaurant – A Palm Springs Favorite

Elmer's Restaurant

Elmer’s Restaurant is Palm Springs favorite loved by locals since 1960. No matter the new shiny restaurants that pop up in Palm Springs, Elmer’s is one with the community. The loyalty from customers is inspiring and Elmer’s wears it proudly. It’s such a great place to go eat at any time of day in Palm Springs.

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Spencer’s Restaurant Featured in Traveler

Spencer’s Restaurant is the most magical, beautiful spot to have a romantic date in Palm Springs. With big fairytale like trees outside with balls of twinkling light hanging from them, it creates the sort of feel that you’re in an enchanted forest. Will you see Hansel and Gretel? Maybe the witch’s cottage around the corner? Who knows! All you need is some Hans Zimmer humming in the background.

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My Delicious Experience at Eight4Nine Restaurant

TRAVELER.COM ARTICLE! This Palm Springs Restaurant & Lounge is Pink. And not in the bubblegum, Barbie toy house kind of pink. But the elegant, chic, artsy kind of pink. Eight4Nine is gorgeous and I couldn’t get enough of it. Walking up to Eight4Nine is grand. The white stairs leading to the front door is begging for the touch of a dazzling pump. Inside the doors to Eight4Nine is the first big room....

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