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World’s Largest Weed Lounge Four Twenty Bank Opens In Palm Springs

The world’s largest weed lounge, Four Twenty Bank, has opened for business in Palm Springs.

Built at a cost of over a million dollars, the 38,000-square-foot Four Twenty Bank is located in a former bank building that sat vacant for twenty-three years at 296 South Palm Canyon Drive in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Owners Nolan Moore and Julie Montante have transformed the space into an incredible dispensary and concert lounge that carries top brands of cannabis from King Garden to Cookies and a wide selection of products including sodas, cocktails, beer and wine that contain zero alcohol, but are CBD and THC-infused. There are also pre-rolls, live rosin, wax, oils, enriched lotions and creams, vape pens and cartridges.

Four Twenty Bank utilizes a custom filtration system designed to create a unique airflow to pull fresh air into the building while withdrawing smoke and purifying it before exiting the vents. There are are double glass entry doors maintained at all times by security specialists, three massive crystal chandeliers with over 4,000 hanging crystals and customized rolling point- of-sale cases to clear the area for live events. The upstairs section is home to private rooms and Sky Suites available to use for hosting individual events that will be primarily used for members and invitation-only parties with exclusive access reserved for VIP guests.

Julie Montante got into the cannabis industry when her mother developed stage 4 breast cancer at 45. She wanted to find alternatives to chemo, radiation and surgery and embarked on an extensive and compassionate journey to pursue her dream of helping others in need.

Julie donates 5 percent of after-tax receipts each month to local charities. She also works with Well in the Desert, Desert Aids Project, Martha’s Kitchen and the AIDS assistance Program.

Nolan Moore is a professional musician who has created and operated several companies including real estate development, cosmetic service salons and cannabis distribution, packaging, branding and retail.

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