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Default Spending A Few Days In Palm Springs

We were thinking about spending a few days in Palm Springs on our way to LA this fall. Were travelling west after Labor Day weekend, sometime after August 1st. Two questions:
Our only concern is the weather. We used to travel to Miami in the fall, especially in the month of September hurricane season. Not only is it hot, but the humidity is unbearable. Is Palm Springs similar, or is the humidity a lot lower in the desert, which can offset 90 degree+ temperatures? Would it be wise to delay until in late September or even October?
Secondly, for someone who has never been there, would you have any recommendations on the best location (golf resort or hotel) to be near the best attractions and shopping? Maybe your top 2-3 to catch the Palm Springs experience? Ill play some golf, and my wife would like to be near shopping, etc..

Thanks so much.
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