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Default Walkable Palm Springs Living

Hi, I just happened upon your forum while I was searching for relocation advice for moving to Palm Springs. I currently live in Florida, and work for a website called which is eerily similar to yours! I think you must use the same forum program...

Anyway, my roommate Dave (I'm 44 and he's 30) and I are plotting out a possible move to Palm Springs in May. I'll be down in early January to scope the place out more carefully. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about neighborhoods to aim for that are especially walkable. By walkable, I mean easy access to stores, banks, the post office and things that make life interesting. We have a car, but enjoy a villagey feel, that isn't overly dense. South Beach, while pedestrian-friendly, can be a little aggressive at times!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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