Spotlight: An Interview with Palm Springs City Council Candidate, Geoff Kors

Geoff Kors currently serves as Government Policy Director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), best known as the organization that actually sues state governments on behalf of LGBT couples for Marriage Equality, and pays for the legal cases for co-plaintiff couples from that state. At NCLR, he spearheads work on local, state and federal legislation and government policy. Previously, Geoff served for nine years as Executive Director of Equality California where he led the effort to transform California from a state with almost no legal protections for the LGBT community to the state with the broadest protections in the nation. Geoff’s experience also includes representing local government […]

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J.R. Roberts

J.R. Roberts attended UCLA and worked for individual clients before spending 12 years as a partner with Boccardo Roberts Architecture and Design. He currently serves as vice president of PSModCom, an organization dedicated to the preservation of historic architecture. J.R. also serves on the Palm Springs Planning Commission, and was the former chairman of the museum’s Architecture and Design Council. J.R. was recently named Managing Director of the new Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion (opening November, 2014).

Kate Buckley: J.R., you’re originally from Venice, CA, and lived for quite some time in the […]

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