Spotlight: An Interview with Chef/Restaurateur Chad Gardner

Chad Gardner has over 20 years of fine dining hospitality experience and is the Executive Chef and Owner of Dash and a Handful Catering, a full service Catering, Craft Services and Special Event Company in Palm Springs. Known for his use of exotic, bold spices and surprising flavors, most recently Chad closed on the purchase of PHO 533, a Vietnamese restaurant in Palm Springs. 

Kate Buckley: Chad, tell me how you came up with name “Dash and a Handful”?

Chad Gardner: Dash and a Handful is and homage to my mother who was a restaurant owner and cook—and it is how my mother […]

Share on Facebook Spotlight: An Interview with David Rothmiller and LD Thompson of The LGBT Sanctuary Palm Springs

David Rothmiller and LD Thompson are prominent Palm Springs filmmakers at TrickDog Films as well as published authors, and have just launched a new venture, a nonprofit Group/Family home for LGBT Youth based in Palm Springs. The mission of The LGBT Sanctuary Palm Springs is to provide a physical and emotional environment of health, education and kindness for LGBT teens in Foster Care in the Greater Palm Springs area. LD, who is also a columnist for Huffington Post, recently published an article about what they’re doing with “The LGBT Sanctuary Palm Springs” which was featured on “HuffPost Gay Voices.”  Additionally, you can learn more from this short informational video produced by David and […]

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