Spotlight: An Interview with Mark Jones


Mark Jones (Photo: Hank Godlewski)

Mark Jones is Chief Creative Officer of Palm Springs-based Brighthaus Marketing. Mark and his business partner, Brian Vatcher, specialize in helping businesses both large and small with critical assessment, strategy development and execution. They specialize in Integrated Community Marketing—a practice of helping the right customers find and fall in love with businesses both online and offline through a mixture of online marketing, social media, public relations, outreach, and strategic partnerships.

Mark lives in Palm Springs where he serves as co-producer of Sparkle: An All-Star Holiday Concert, and as host and co-manager of the Tuesday Nite Social […]

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Kim Laidlaw of Guide Dogs of the Desert with her companion—and canine ambassador—Rose, a Golden Retriever.

Kim Laidlaw is the Executive Director of Guide Dogs of the Desert.  For the blind, a guide dog means increased freedom, companionship and safety.  Since 1972, Guide Dogs of the Desert has worked to connect people in need with the tools they require for success.  Clients who are legally blind, come to the campus to learn how to work with a custom-trained guide dog, who can offer them safe mobility, loving companionship and the miracle of independence. 

Kim grew up in Chicago, and a job […]

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